Infiniti QX80 executive car

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New 2019 Infiniti QX80 Price

Large-size new SUV Infiniti QX80 takes pride of place at the top of the model range of the popular premium car. In our work we will present the main characteristics – appearance, interior, cost and many other facts. The front part has acquired a new body design, now the bumper has become taller and more powerful. In the center there is a radiator grille, which has considerably increased in size, on the sides there are headlights of head lighting with LED stuffing. The wings of the bumper are equipped with […]

Beautiful Infiniti QX30 Sport Review

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New 2019 Infiniti QX30 Review

Not so long ago, an official demonstration of the new crossover Infiniti QX30 2019 took place in Geneva, and later in Los Angeles. Given this, it is not superfluous to disassemble in more detail all the features of a modern crossover. By tradition, let’s start with the appearance. First of all, I must say that the new car looks very presentable. At the first glance at the body of the car, you can immediately understand that the Japanese model is in front of you, because such cars, as a rule, […]

Business sedan Infiniti Q70

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New 2019 Infiniti Q70 Interior Design

The company Infiniti decided to warm up interest in its flagship model Q70, though not significant, but restyling. Now the Infiniti Q70 in 2019 became a full-fledged competitive premium car. Exterior design of the car is made in the corporate style of the Japanese premium brand. In the features of the sedan, a sporty image is immediately visible. The front of the car looks bright and aggressive due to a slightly “frowned” head optics with bi-xenon stuffing. Relationship with other models of the brand gives a chrome grille and a […]