Opel Antara Coupe Sport And Hybrid Turbo

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2019 Opel Antara Wallpaper HD Desktop

In 2007, the crossover Opel Antara filled an empty niche in the model range of the German manufacturer. Finally, the car received its next upgrade plan. Externally, the restyling Opel Antara 2019 is difficult to distinguish from the year of its predecessor. It can be recognized by other front and rear lights, fog lamps and radiator grilles. And this means that the car has an attractive and stylish appearance, fully consistent with modern crossover trends. Inside, to identify the updated version of the Opel Antara 2019 is even more difficult […]

Model Specs Opel Mokka 2018

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2019 Opel Mokka Exterior Changes

What is so unique about Opel Mocha? In that it is one of the most popular cars in Europe by the results of the year before last. This car is the first in the production line, who will get the additional letter X. In the future, all off-road cars Opel AG will have the same prefix to their name. The official introduction of the new Opel Mokka X plans to take place at the Geneva Motor Show this spring. The exterior and interior have improved in accordance with the modern […]

Opel Zafira Photos and Details

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2019 Opel Zafira First Pictures

In May 2011, Opel officially introduced the new Zafira minivan. Therefore, the next update of the car was not for anyone was not a surprise. With a look at once you can say that the car has become more calm look. Now there are no front bulbs – boomerangs. The body part is devoid of any memorable lines. The image is fairly harmonious, but, at the same time, boring. Sportiness in the appearance of the monocab is exalted by a dynamic silhouette with heavily laden frontal columns and a falling […]