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What Makes Lance Armstrong Wristbands Special?

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Very few people haven't heard of the Lance Armstrong wristbands.
These adorable yellow innovative bracelets are a way to honor the many victims suffering from cancer. While some think of them as stylish bracelets and others consider them part of a charity foundation. These are so popular; many other charities have copied these bracelets, also known as 'Livestrong band'.

These type of Wristbands can be seen on millions of people, including the wrists of many stars. Some may not realize the entire impact these Lance Armstrong Wristbands have in the world. Lance Armstrong is a cancer survivor himself so they have a very special meaning for many people.

The main start of these yellow wristbands came at the Tour de France in 2004 when several riders were wearing them as they rode. Many people weren't aware of what they were much less what they stood for. After many inquiries about the yellow wristbands, it was revealed that the Livestrong wristbands were symbolic of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, an organization set up for cancer relief and help.
Lance Armstrong, a champion cyclist and cancer survivor himself is the man responsible for starting the foundation and fund.

Livestrong Bands Are Popular Around the World
The Livestrong wristband is very popular and worn by over 55 million people all over the world. All money raised by the sale of the wristbands, which sell for $1 each, goes to pay for the work done by the Lance Armstrong Fund (LAF). Lance founded this remarkable charity in 1997, with its headquarters in Austin, Texas.
It is the great courage and devotion by Lance that has empowered and inspired cancer patients to fight this dreadful disease, while praying for a cure. These bands have become so popular and make such a statement that many other charities have copied them only used other colors, either solid or twisted colors for their specific charity.

None of the other wristbands have gained that popularity that the Livestrong has earned. Well known people everywhere, celebrities, Presidents, movie make wristbands cheap and television stars and athletes have all been seen wearing these bands.
Their Beginning
For those unfamiliar with the story of Lance Armstrong, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 25 years rubber wristband custom online shop old. If it had been caught early, he would have had a 90% chance of conquering the disease, but he ignored the early symptoms, which led to the cancer spreading to other parts of his body, thus lessening his chance of survival even more.

He continued to fight the disease, survived and rode in and won the Tour de France, the world's most difficult bike race, seven times. It was then that Lance set up the Lance Armstrong Fund to help other sufferers like him. The bands are made of synthetic silicone and have "LIVESTRONG" embossed in them.
They were sold by Nike as well as the LAF.
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