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Du Chau: Fashion Creative New Way To Upgrade The Apparel Industry

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tour khám bệnh nhật bảnBy the China Textile Industry Association's 2008 "fashion creative space" activities, scheduled for Oct. 19? 21, held in Shanghai Exhibition Center.

In the current situation, the Chinese textile and garment industry, the organization of this activity clearly has tour khám nhật a special significance.

Key words of an innovation enhance creativity, overcome the current difficulties is most needed.

"fashion creative space" activities are consistent with the needs of large enterprises, is "timely help."

fashion creative space, "Key to the business activities to further enhance innovation, creativity.

"To improve the creativity of Chinese textile and garment enterprises, is the most urgently needed to overcome the current difficulties." On the upcoming 2008 "fashion creative space" activities, the China Textile Industry Association Du Chau stressed innovation, the importance of creativity sex.

He said that this year, the development of China's textile and apparel industry is facing many difficulties. It is difficult to advance. So, we should accelerate the push to change the way industry and accelerate industrial upgrading and restructuring, we must rely on raising the contribution rate of science and technology and brand contribution. The idea is not only the leading scientific and technological progress, and is the leading brand building. Changes in industry growth, adjusting the industrial structure most in need of strengthening, is creative.

He believes that in the past few years, the Chinese textile and apparel industry has been great progress in technology, this basis should consider how the use of advanced technology to drive product innovation, creativity play in the fashion area, adapted to modern life way. Technological progress is the material basis of fashion, and creativity will drive technological progress.

In fact, the Chinese textile and apparel industry, although currently facing many difficulties, but one-third of enterprises are in overcoming difficulties and improve the value-added aspects of outstanding achievements, commitment to the industry's profit growth, the industry's total profit accounted for 90%; two-thirds of the companies also overcome a lot of negative factors, increasing productivity. All this is by creativity, innovation embodied.

Du Chau believes that innovation and creativity of Chinese textile and apparel industry is becoming an urgent need. "Fashion creative space" is absolutely not an imagined, but something in line with the general business needs. In the current difficulties, this event is "timely help": to guide the company's innovation, using the existing advanced equipment and high quality materials to produce high value-added products.

It is reported that 2008 "fashion creative space" activities, we will invite some outstanding textiles and clothing companies to reflect the overall intent of the industry. The company's creativity, design ability is relatively strong, market sensitive. While the whole industry, involved in business or a minority, but the guiding role played by the great. How to improve the design, production, management staff creativity, how to improve enterprise product differentiation capabilities, "fashion creative space" will play a lead role.

Du said that a new technology, new products, often bring new consumption, if we can seize this new field of industry, often bring a lot of value. Therefore, the core innovation capability and vigorously promote the industry to change the way to implement in production, design and all aspects of marketing.

He hoped that, through the "fashion creative space" activities that can inspire the enterprise, and guide enterprises to further enhance their creativity, rather than to imitate.

Du Chau that the Chinese textile and garment not need high culture, high expressed emotion, but the high-end market is mostly occupied by foreign brands, which reflects the creativity of our bad.

He hoped that the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, the creativity of the Chinese textile and apparel industry has improved significantly. Comparative advantage in the play at the same time, the creativity, speed up the catching up countries.
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