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Kia Sorento Review Release Data

Kia Sorento Review Release Data
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  •    December 13, 2017
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In Korea, an official acquaintance with Kia Sorento 2019 was already the third generation. The car promises to accumulate in itself all the latest achievements of the world car industry. Changes will affect everything from the appearance, to the power unit, as well as materials from which the car is made.

The design of car in the new UM body was developed in a Korean studio with the participation of specialists from American and German units. The car received a massive grille and completely changed lighting equipment. The hood is decorated with stylish curves that diverge from the edge to the base. At a lateral inspection, the new model looks like a sports car.

Inside, the Sorento will delight motorists with a huge number of new products. This is mostly about design. At the same time, the quality of materials used for the manufacture of internal filling has significantly increased. First of all, a completely new kind of steering should be pleased, as well as an unusual kind of instrument panel, and in general the entire look of the front console. Innovations touched and seats. It is worth noting that now you will have the opportunity to order the seven-seater Kia Sorento salon.

The set of power units will also be quite wide. And it will consist of two diesel engines and two petrol ones. The possibility of installing a hybrid is also considered. Diesel engines will be presented by monsters with four cylinders in two variations of volume 2.0 and 2.2 liters. with a capacity of 186 and 200 liters. from. respectively.

Gasoline with the same number of cylinders and a volume of 2.4 liters. and a capacity of 188 liters. from. and six-cylinder with 3.3 liters. volume and 250 liters. from. All this diversity is equipped with automation and mechanics, both versions with six steps with front or all-wheel drive.

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