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Nissan Leaf the best electro mobile

Nissan Leaf the best electro mobile

Most recently, the new Nissan Leaf electric car was announced in 2019, the technical specifications are not inferior to petrol versions. The car received stylish design, electronic control systems and many other functions.

The main characteristic of the Nissan is its aggressive design, similar to sports cars. The body of the car has an aerodynamic shape and is made in the style of “strict hi-tech”. The front part has undergone serious changes: a new V-shaped radiator grille and front LED lights. It is worth noting that external characteristics can easily compete with other modern electric cars and qualify for the title of “best design decision”. The dimensions were also recycled and aimed at five seats in the cockpit. The rear bumper got narrow, but bright LED lights, a stylish and embossed hood.

The salon is presented in two coloring pages and is made of high-quality leather material. Implemented steering wheel with many built-in functions and a truncated rim to the bottom. The instrument panel is equipped with a new bright dial and a large touch screen. Speaking of the infotainment side, the stylish five-inch screen and access to the Internet make the car comfortable in all respects. Separately it is necessary to say about e-Pedal, it is included in a complex of electronic systems and provides smooth braking of the car. Activate this possibility with the help of a pedal. The improved safety system protects the driver and passengers from unforeseen situations. Thus, the car becomes the line of models providing maximum safety. In this list, you can also add the e-Padal system, which will not allow the car to overclock.

A new battery pack of 40 kWh can be charged directly from the outlet in sixteen hours, and using a quick splice in forty minutes. With such characteristics, the automobile will accelerate to 100 kilometers in 7.8 seconds. The torque is 320 Nm.

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